Sheriff Angel Cardenas


Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office
Fee Schedule

Types of payments accepted are cash, check, money orders, Cashier’s Checks and debit/credit cards. All credit and debit card payments will have additional transaction fees of a $2.00 minimum fee or 2.45% of total transaction amount, whichever is higher.

All CCW and Fingerprinting fees are also subject to additional credit card transaction fees.

Case Copies (1-5 pages)
  Each Additional Page
Copies of documents/photographs from a case on CD
Copies of documents/photographs from a case on USB flash drive
Body-Worn Camera Video on CD
Body-Worn Camera Video on USB flash drive
Certified Mail / Return Receipt
USPS Rates
Subpoena Duces Tecum
(there will be additional charges for Body-Worn Camera footage)
***Cost will be based on number of pages plus any applicable postage
CCW Permit (new)
CCW Permit (renewal)
CCW Permit (address change)
CCW Permit Late Fee Renewal
Civil Fees
Click for Civil Fee Schedule
Click for Civil Fee Schedule
Dog Licenses (spayed/neutered dog)
                   (unaltered dog)
                   Replacement Tags
Late fees after January 31st are 25%/month until doubled