Sheriff Angel Cardenas

Corrections Cook





Under Detention Sergeant’s supervision, plans, organizes, supervises and participates in the preparation and service of food in a correctional facility; and performs other work as assigned.




Corrections Cook is responsible for the all phases of food preparation for both the adult and juvenile detainees located in adjacent facilities. The incumbent is accountable for maintaining strict security and oversight of inmate workers assigned to work in the food service section of the facility.




The duties listed below are examples of the work typically performed by employees in this class.  An employee may not be assigned all duties listed and may be assigned duties which are not listed below.  Marginal duties (shown in italics) are those, which are least likely to be essential functions for any single position in this class.

  1. Prepares menus, estimates quantity of food required and requisitions food and related supplies; maintains and check food and supply inventory; contacts vendors on a regular basis to place orders for contracted food and supplies; receives and verifies supplies with purchase order.


  1. Estimates food consumption and requirements to determine type and quantity of food to be prepared; determines the food preparation time to assure meals are ready on schedule.


  1. Oversees and participates in large scale cooking of regular and special diet foods according to prescribed menus and recipes; operates standard kitchen equipment including ovens, steamers, slicers and mixers; sets up and serves food, prepares take-out food and stores leftover food; inspects food handling and storage procedures to insure compliance with sanitation standards.


  1. Trains and oversees inmate workers and juvenile detainees assigned to work in food service; inspects assigned work crew to assure personal hygiene and proper attire; counsels assigned work crew in the procedures of the work area; assigns work and instructs on the correct way to prepare the food or perform the task; assures the safe and proper usage of kitchen equipment; maintains security, order and discipline in the work area.


  1. Assists in the clean up of the kitchen and dining area; inventories knives, cleavers, and other utensils used in the kitchen; checks kitchen and dining area for contraband and weapons.


  1. Schedules, assigns, supervises and evaluates the work of the assigned work crew.


  1. Supervises the maintenance of proper sanitary and safety conditions in both the kitchen and dining areas; schedules equipment maintenance; keeps records and prepares reports, as required.                                




Knowledge and Ability:


Knowledge of Federal, State and local regulations pertaining to institutional food service; the use and care of materials and equipment used in large group food preparation; sanitary techniques and regulations; modern food preparation practices, procedures and equipment; large scale menu planning; basic mathematics; nutritional standards applicable to institutional food preparation; kitchen safety and hygiene; food service supervision; functional operation of a correctional facility including security and custody procedures and practices.


Ability to read, comprehend and follow rules, regulations and operating procedures; interpret recipes; prepare meals with minimum waste; coordinate the work of others engaged in food preparation; maintain surveillance over the activities of inmates assigned to food service work; operate food preparation equipment; keep records; plan and prepare large scale menus; communicate effectively both orally and in writing; write reports.


Special Requirements:


Possession of a Nevada driver’s license. Submit to fingerprinting and possess ability to pass a criminal history background investigation and drug screen prior to appointment.


Experience and Training:


Any combination of training, education and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities.  A typical way to gain the required knowledge and ability is:


Two years of experience in large-scale institutional food preparation and volume cooking including at least six months in a lead or supervisory capacity is preferred.




Strength and stamina to stand for long periods of time. Manual dexterity to coordinate movement of both hands to operate a variety of equipment; operate controls on automatic and manual mechanical devices and handle small objects. Ability to perform repetitive motion including bending, stooping, stretching, kneeling and crouching or crawling.  Visual acuity sufficient to see details and read printed materials in a variety of lighting conditions including bright light and low light. Strength to lift and carry tools and equipment weighing up to 50 pounds.




Generally clean working conditions with limited exposure to conditions such as dust, fumes, foul odors or excessive or extreme noise. Situations may include stress of working with inmate and detainees, emotional individuals and resistive and combative personalities; possible exposure to individuals with communicable diseases. Working in a locked down secure environment.