Sheriff Angel Cardenas


The Civil Division is responsible, per state statute, to provide service of documents in both civil and criminal cases. Payment is required at the receipt of paperwork.

All requests for service must be accompanied by the Instruction Sheet HERE

Schedule of Fees for Service are:

Summons and Complaint or any other Process by which action is Commenced (per Defendant)
$17.00, plus mileage
Affidavit of Complaint and Order/Small Claims (per Defendant)
$15.00, plus mileage
Notice before Commencement of any Eviction
$26.00, plus mileage
Each Service in a Summary Eviction
$21.00, plus mileage
Service of two or more Evictions at the same Address (at the same time) Each
$20.00, plus mileage
Service of a Subpoena, per Witness
$15.00, plus mileage
Posting of Notices
$15.00, plus mileage
Execution (Garnishment)
$17.00, plus mileage
Writ of Attachment
$17.00, plus mileage
Demand, Motion, Rule or Order
$15.00, plus mileage
Mileage, per Mile (see Mileage street chart)
$2.00 per mile
Certified Mail
Copy of any writ, process or other paper.
$3.00 per page

Mileage Chart can be found HERE

Please note: All documents brought to us for service MUST include an original and a complete set of copies. All documents without a second set will be charged the above-listed copy fee of $3.00 per page, in advance. (Documents required for Garnishments/Executions will remain the same.)

Paperwork for service can be dropped off at the Sheriff’s Office or mailed in with appropriate fees.

Types of payments accepted are cash, check, money orders, Cashier’s Checks and debit/credit cards.

Credit Card Transaction fees:
$2.00 minimum fee or 2.45% of total transaction amount, whichever is higher.

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