Sheriff Angel Cardenas

Central Control Operator




Under general supervision, regulates access to and within the Humboldt County Detention Center between inmates, agency personnel, authorized personnel and escorted civilian visitor access; co-monitors video surveillance systems in order to notify agency personnel to respond appropriately and in a timely manner to situations as they occur; answers central control phone and provides information to the law enforcement, other agencies, agency personnel and the public; shift briefings and other data related to central control operations; performs data entry into multiple computer systems (local, state, and federal); and performs related work, as required. 




This class is distinguished by responsibility of operating the central control room to ensure that public, agency personnel and inmates are safe and secure; maintenance of records that are entered and/or cleared from the Nevada Criminal Justice Information System (NCJIS) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).




The duties listed below are examples of the work typically performed by employees in this class.  An employee may not be assigned all duties listed and may be assigned duties which are not listed below. 


  1. Monitor and regulate access and movement by inmates, agency personnel, authorized personnel and escorted civilian visitors by opening and closing electronic doors, in order to maintain security and safety within the facility.


  1. Observe activities and individuals within an assigned area of the Humboldt County Detention Center, through direct visual scan, intercom, camera monitors, to identify potential problems and notify agency personnel to take swift and appropriate action, in accordance with established policy and procedures, to ensure the safety of agency personnel, inmates and the general public.


  1. Monitor door control panel, smoke alarm system, fire alarm system and fire extinguishers within the facility in order to respond to situations and/or notify agency personnel to respond to situations as they occur, in an appropriate and timely manner.


  1. Ensure that only authorized personnel enter or exit the facility.


  1. Monitor inmates, agency personnel, authorized personnel and escorted civilian visitors within the facility, verify their destinations and notify detention staff of their movements.


  1. Respond directly to detention staff in the facility, providing them with information and assistance in accordance with prescribed procedures and protocols.


  1. Assist the public, via telephone, by providing information regarding the Humboldt County Detention Center, in accordance with established guidelines and protocols and/or making referrals to appropriate staff or other agencies.


  1. Receive and process bail for an inmate.


  1. Route departmental paperwork via interdepartmental mail to Humboldt County Sheriff Office, Winnemucca Police Department, Humboldt County District Attorney Office, Union Township Justice Court, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Humboldt County School District Police, Humboldt County Youth and Family Services, Nevada Division of Investigation and various other Humboldt County courthouse departments and/or City of Winnemucca offices.


  1. Enter data into the Detention Center records management system that relates to inmate arrests (subject to change based upon the current detention records management system).


  1. Run paperwork for the Detention Center on all arrests; wants/warrants, driver’s license inquiry, criminal history inquiry through various state and FMI databases.


  1. Enter and/or clear National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and Nevada Criminal Justice Information System (NCJIS) records.


  1. Send teletypes (via JLINK) to various agencies regarding booking, transportation, or extradition information on inmates arrested on their warrants.


  1. Process paperwork (wants/warrants, driver’s license inquiry, criminal history inquiry through various state and FBI databases) and entry for the Detention center on ex-felon and/or sex-offender registrations after hours and on weekends.


  1. Run wants/warrants, driver’s license inquiry, and/or vehicle registration on subjects who are applying for indigent services to make sure they are clear, have a valid driver’s license, and/or valid vehicle registration (depending on the type of assistance they are requesting).


  1. Ensure that all visitors that will be escorted back into the secure are of the Detention Center sign into the visitor access log and provide identification. Operators must run a wants/warrants check on escorted visitors.


  1. Attend to inquiries at the public service window.


  1. Complete reports, utilizing a variety of informational sources and data collection techniques.


  1. Conduct daily briefing for incoming shift.


  1. Notify appropriate personnel of needed repairs or maintenance.





Knowledge and Ability:


Knowledge of basic office procedures; operations, policies and procedures of the department; terms and acronyms commonly used in the assigned function; laws, rules and regulations; computer software utilized by the facility; electronic surveillance and security equipment used by the department; techniques for communicating with people; record keeping and filing procedures; use of reference books.


Ability to tend to multiple tasks at the same time; perform multiple functions in periods of intense activity; deal with and communicate effective with individuals from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures in normal and stressful situations; read, comprehend and apply a variety of laws, regulations, training materials, operating procedures and policy and procedure manuals; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; compile and maintain records; evaluate situations and make sound judgments; remain calm in stressful situations; follow instructions in periods of intense activity; compile data and complete reports; perform data entry with sufficient speed and accuracy to perform the job; monitor equipment for long periods of time and identify potential problems; identify alarms and respond to voice transmissions appropriately; quickly make appropriate decisions in response to emergencies; establish and maintain effective working relations with those contacted the course of work.


Special Requirements: Must be willing to work shift work.  Must submit and pass a fingerprint based background check in accordance with the CJIS FBI Security Police and the State of Nevada Administrative Policies.  Must pass a background investigation, including submitting a personal history statement and pass a Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) examination.  Must be able to work in a confined space.  Must be able to work in a noisy environment.  Must be able to deal directly with the public in a detention center environment and tolerate exposure to noise and hostility.  Must complete an entry level certification in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and the Nevada Criminal Justice Information System (NCJIS) within six months of employment.  Must possess sufficient hearing ability to discern voice transmissions and alarms. 


Experience and Training: Any combination of training, education and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities.




Hearing sufficient to perceive spoken communications in noisy environments; vision sufficient to read manuals, handwritten material, and computers in low lighting; mobility to reach and move about in the central control room; sitting for long periods of time; remain alert during periods of limited activity; reach and carry files; computer printouts and assorted equipment.




Work without supervision or immediate assistance on all shifts; stress of emergency situations and rapid change in circumstances; noise and distractions from telephones and conversations.




Non Exempt